About IAN

India Association of  Nashville, TN is a non profit  organization representing the Indian-American community in the Nashville, TN area. Since its inception India Association of Nashville(IAN) has been playing an important role in bringing the Indian community in Nashville together to celebrate India’s festivals and special occasions. IAN has been able to accomplish this feat because of the dedication and hard work of it’s volunteer officers and continued enthusiastic support from the Indian and Non-Indian community in the Nashville area.

Our main goal is to provide useful information to the members, apart from our monthly newsletters and event calendar. We will provide a few important links on our site for the Indian Community like National Holidays and festivals. So enjoy your stay on the site and check back to find out various additions to the site.

***Stay tuned for our 2017 events***

Join our FaceBook group to stay up to date with our upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IndiaAssociationOfNashville/

For any question, please write to: ian@iantn.org

India Association Of Nashville
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serving Indian American community in Nashville since 1962 

2 thoughts on “About IAN

  1. Regarding the 2016 Diwali Night, it was delightful and highly entertaining. Thanks to Anil, Sujana, Rajni, Suren, and others who put in a tremendous amount of effort to put together the whole thing. I marvel at the altruistic dedication these people show as organizers. Bravo! May you be blessed.

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