IAN Holi Hungama 2017

India Association of Nashville (IAN) in association with Kerala Association of Nashville (KAN) brings you Holi Hungama 2017 !!

Come and join us to have a fun time playing with colors, DJ music, of-course desi food and more…. Get drenched in color, music & dance……Mark your calendars.

This event is open to everyone in Nashville that has direct or indirect roots to India or who is inquisitive about Indian culture.

Event Details:

1) Date: April 01st (Saturday)
2) Venue: Edwin Warner Park, Shelter #10 (50 Vaughn Rd, Nashville, TN 37221)**
3) Time: 11 am – 3:00 pm
4) Activities: Holi color play, DJ Music & Dancing, and more !
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**DO NOT go to the Edwin Warner Park Main Entrance on US 100. Approach from Vaughn Road using the address above from Old Hickory Blvd.Flyer_Holi2017